• We will play inviting music and create a relaxed atmosphere as your guests arrive
  • We will help you select songs for your processional and recessional


  • We will provide a microphone for your officiate so everyone can hear them clearly during the ceremony
  • We will provide an optional microphone for a guest speaker
  • We will provide an optional microphone for bride/groom for your vows

This Is A Big Day And We Want You To Have Peace Of Mind!

Our DJ manages volume levels throughout the ceremony so your guests can adequately hear every part of your ceremony and every moment runs smoothly.

  • We will set the right tone for your ceremony by having music playing as guests arrive.
  • We have several styles of background music for you to choose from or you may select your own.
  • Your DJ will help you choose the right processional and recessional songs to fit your style.
  • By amplifying your officiant, your guests will be able to hear the entire ceremony clearly.

Other wireless microphones are available for anyone giving a speech or reading a passage.


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